Opening Prayer

8-9 am        Breakfast ~ Praisealujah

10:00 am    Church/ Pastor Kelly Crow

                    Christian Crusaders  Communion

11:30 am     Baptisms
12:00pm      Noon Lunch

1:00 pm       After lunch ~ Pack up

Join us on a three day camping trip on Fathers Day Weekend, to celebrate our Father in Heaven...

A fun event for families to camp, have fellowship, purchase T-shirts to support the mission, with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided to you by our local Ministries in Washington.

Breaking of the Bread 2021

Cougar Mtn. Bible Camp in Yelm. 

June 18th-20th




                  Opening Prayer

4:00 pm     Jesus Rocks

5:30 pm     Dinner~ Gethsemane Ministries

6:30 pm    Speaker/ Chris Baublits

7:30 pm     Streetlights

8:30 pm     Set Free Elma    

9:30 pm     All Creation

11:00 pm   Closing Remarks /Prayer

​​                          SATURDAY

                         Opening Prayer

8:00-9:00 am  Breakfast Sinners Forgiven

10:00 am         Jesus Rocks

11:30 am          Aaron Foster

12:30 pm          Lunch ~ Set Free Elma

1:30  pm           J50M

3:00  pm          Diamonds in the Ruffe

4:00 pm           CBT

5:00 –6:00 pm  Dinner ~ CBT/ Christian Crusaders

6:30–7:30 CBT/ Speaker Brian Norton

7:45 pm     Vince Cook & Company

9:30 pm     Set Free Elma

11:00 pm Closing Remarks/ Prayer